In northern Afghanistan, locals are living under the unfair and totalitarian rules of the warlords as in the worst Feudal Times.
Warlords being the best shield against Taliban, foreigner armies provided them with money, militias and weapons. The abused population had been sacrificed on the fight against Taliban.
For example General Dostum, once in disgrace, publicly accused of war crimes is now being paid a enormous monthly wedge by the US. Blessed by the western community, he was running for the presidential elections.
Peasants have to pay the “usher” a tax on their harvest.
Women have to hide themselves under a burqa to avoid being raped. Many girls’ve been raped as a punishment to their men.
Warlords are reviving the “bacha bazi” Using young boys to entertain them, sexually.
Because the north hasn’t too many problems with Taliban, it isn’t the priority of the UN or NGO’s. Forgotten.
Prisons and asylum seekers are crowded with opponents.
Arbacai, militiamen’ve been given absolute powers towards local population.
Democracy’s disappearing. Locals have nobody to turn to. Westerners left, the Central government has no more control on warlords.




Magazine Geo France February 2013

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